Our premier cement stucco is a modification of a traditional three coat cement stucco over wire lath. The stucco industry has improved on the original Portland cement base coat by adding chopped-fiberglass and plasticizers to the mix. This has enabled the stucco siding to be stronger, more flexible, and more crack resistant. Innovations in the finish coats have enabled us to install pre-bagged cement stucco products such as Penn-Crete Stucco and flexible acrylic finish coats. The options for color and textures are limited only by the imagination of the designer and skill of the craftsman. The flexible acrylic finish coats have virtually eliminated cracking while maintaining the integrity of the Portland cement stucco system. Stucco is perfect for homeowners/businesses who need an affordable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing exterior finish.


How is Stucco Applied?

  • Firstly we erect the scaffolding to OSHA standards to ensure a safe working platform.
  • Install weep screed.
  • We install 2-Ply Jumbo Tex 60® weather resistant barrier (WRB). Overlaps are taped with weather resisting tape ensuring a maximum water and moisture protection.
  • Install Keene rain screen to act as a drainage mat.
  • Install easy beads at all dissimilar materials, windows, doors and all penetrations. This will allow for expansion and contraction.
  • Install head flashings above all windows and doors.
  • Install expansion joints
  • Install 2.5 galvanized self-furring wire lath.
  • Apply scratch coat consisting of sand, cement and reinforcing fibers.
  • Apply a brown coat consisting of sand, cement and reinforcing fibers.
  • Apply finish coat of traditional textured stucco. Penn-Crete, Quaker Stucco, Pre Blend or Field mixed stucco.
  • Apply a coat of acrylic finish. Dryvit, Senergy, Total Wall, Sto and Master Wall.


  • Caulk all areas around windows, doors, soffits etc… ensuring and maximizing water and moisture prevention.


What’s the Advantages of Stucco?

  • Withstands extreme heat.
  • Endures through dry and wet.
  • Endures through frost and snow.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Does not need to be painted.
  • A wide range of colors and finishes
  • Limited maintenance.