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Remediation Services

Friel Plastering Inc. Stucco and Stone Remediation Repair Fishtown Philadelphia

Friel Plastering & Stucco Inc understand the issue of moisture intrusion. We also understand the emotional and financial strain that it has on you and your family. We work with you and we keep the process as simple as possible.

Before we actually get to fixing stucco damage, we take care of the underlying problems with stucco siding and only then we begin the process of stucco damage repair. We follow a number of steps to get your home weather resistant once again. Here is a quick step by step guide on what remediation involves:

The Remediation Process

  1. A qualified inspector will do a moisture analysis of your home. He will then provide a full report which will include drawings of all affected areas and the recommended solution.
  2. He will remove small effected areas and inspect further, and give you an indication to the damage internally.
  3. Following this we will have a meeting and go over the moisture analysis report and the internal inspection. Explaining to you what repairs are needed and how we will carry them out.
  4. We will ensure all building codes are applied to the highest standard.

Know the Signs

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms on your stucco or stone?

  • Cracked Plaster or Stucco?
  • Bolstered Plaster or Stucco?
  • Missing or broken flashing around your door or windows?
  • Mold or Mildew on the interior or exterior?

If your property is showing signs aging and normal wear and tear, it is not beyond repair! Let our skilled technicians quickly ensure maximum care to your home. If so then, you may need an inspection visit from Friel Plastering & Stucco Inc. today on 484-571-6587.